Advanced Detection Tools to Stop Malware

Vicheck provides access to an advanced malware detection engine designed to decrypt and extract malicious executables from common document formats such as MS Office Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, or Adobe PDF documents. ViCheck will detect the majority of embedded executables in documents. It also flags common, seemingly benign exploits that can be triggered to download more malicious malware from the internet.

ViCheck is a free service designed to help the public detect newer and ever more sophisticated malware which is often difficult to detect with common commercial anti-virus programs. Our technology works by targeting the way that malware hides within various types of document formats. Rather than relying on traditional signature based detection, we use cryptographic analysis techniques to heuristically identify obfuscated executable code of the exploits themselves.

If you are even remotely suspicious of a file you've downloaded, about to download or have received in an email, use the following tools to analyse it before opening and potentially exposing your system:

Upload One or More Suspicious Files For Deep Scanning Analysis Submit a File Download URL For Analysis Before You Click Send/Foward E-mail With Potential Malware to

By using these tools you'll be helping to protect your computer system and your valuable data from being exploited. When the suspicious files or emails have been scanned and analysed, you'll receive a report with the results. Some of the deep scans do require a fair amount of CPU processing so resulsts may take a short while to complete depending on the analysis load and the size of the files. If desired, include your email and have the results delivered when ready.

Also, when malware is detected and the event is captured, a more robust threat analysis can be initiated to track/monitor frequency, spread and intention. Samples and results can be flagged as private if desired but providing cyber security researchers access to data associated with malware detection events helps protect the entire network.

Additional Malware Protection Resources

A variety of other tools and utilities are also available to help you validate suspicious files, emails and domains that you encounter on the internet. These are more advanced resources but are provided with a simple interface.

Review Recent Analysis Reports & Malware Detection Events Search Malware Database for a File Hash (MD5, SHA1, SHA256)

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