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Secure Coding Libraries and Frameworks

Building Blocks for Robust Applications

In the rapidly evolving world of software development, security often takes a backseat, which can lead to devastating vulnerabilities. Secure Coding Libraries and Frameworks offer a proactive approach to integrating security into the development lifecycle. These libraries and frameworks provide pre-configured modules, functions, and best practices that help developers create applications that are inherently secure from the ground up.

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  1. OWASP ESAPIopen in new window

    • Description: Security API for Java.
  2. Crypto++open in new window

    • Description: Free C++ library for cryptographic schemes.
  3. Libsodiumopen in new window

    • Description: Library for encryption, decryption, signatures, etc.
  4. OpenSSLopen in new window

    • Description: Toolkit for the TLS and SSL protocols.
  5. Microsoft SDLopen in new window

    • Description: Security Development Lifecycle by Microsoft.