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Oracle managment and security

A selection of links that are all related to Oracle managment and security.
Web Link
  Link Red-Database-Security
Red-Database-Security GmbH is specialised in Oracle security only. This specialisation helps to develop a deep knowledge and to provide better services and solutions for our customers. All our employees are working since several years with various Or
  Link Argeniss
Oracle Security issue.
  Link Windows oerr for Oracle
A friendly tool.
  Link Oracle Notes
Very skilled oracle notes.
  Link Oracle Base
A great Oracle information aggregator, there are many articles, Docs and tools.
  Link GMBH
Hello! I am René Nyffenegger and this is the site where I write articles on Oracle. I hope that, if time permits and I am not on holidays, I can write at least one article per week. Very hot articles… 🙂
  Link The Puget Sound Oracle Users Group
The only way a user group can fulfill its mission, is to build a strong community between Oracle Corporation, Oracle’s business customers, third-party vendors, and the user community. The Board would especially like to thank Jonathan Lewis and Pete
  Link Old Oracle Q & A
It’s a good point of startup.
  Link Oracle Benchmark
Oracle benchmark tool.
  Link Pete Finnigan
If you use Oracle database software and you value the data held in the databases you have deployed then this is a site that you need to visit and digest. My name is Pete Finnigan and I have collected together a large array of papers and presentation
  Link Akadia Oracle Tips
Akadia Oracle Pubblications.
  Link DBA Support
Some Oracle script for Oracle maintinance.

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