Report Suspicious URL

Report a Phishing URL

If you receive a phishing mail, please report the URL of the attacker's site. If you are unable to see the attacker's URL (e.g. because of javascript or pop-up blocking) or the phishing content is included as an email attachment (i.e. a drop site) please send the original email to as an attachment.

The entire toolbar community will benefit from your vigilance.

We define a phishing URL as one that is attempting to impersonate a site operated by an organisation with which the victim of the phishing attempt has an existing relationship, in order to obtain passwords or other personal information for use in some type of fraud.

This does not include sites such as fake banks, fake escrow sites, fake online shops, fake courier companies and so on, unless those sites are attempting to impersonate a site operated by a specific real organisation. Even if such sites are attempting to gather personal information or credit card details, we do not count them as phishing sites unless a specific real organisation is being impersonated. See the Toolbar FAQ for more information.

We have created a leaderboard displaying the people with the largest number of accepted reports so far this month, identified by their first names to preserve their anonymity. Every accepted report is also contributes towards your grand total, which is eligible for a number of prizes.