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RedOracle provides security information to the security community. RedOracle try to help network administrators, security experts, IT managers and all people of information security in their daily work.

The contents of the site are an exhaustive compendium of information available in the web, in many cases has elaborated synthesis or added new contents for those arguments whose documentation was poor or dispersive.


In the Download section is present a collection of open tool source that concern specifically the Auditing's world.

One of the purpose of the site is to alert the users to a more conscious knowledge of the IT Security.

Other Sections are:

  • News - News concerning ICT
  • Password DB - The most complete database of default password in the Web
  • Exploit DB - Exploit collection
  • Live Distro - Distribution coinceived for those who work in Audit.
  • And more... - Forensic, Vulnerability, How To…

Our Mission:

1) Security Framework

Through the collection of different contents concerning IT Security, our aim is to bring up a framework that helps the system administrators, who needs to delve some topics relating to the hardening of their platforms, as well as those who daily use the topics of the site in their work. The framework of the site is thought also for the users that for the first time approach the ICT Security's Sector and will find contents appropriate for the level of their preparation.

2) Making Business Secure

Much of the Honeynet Project is dedicated to tracking, investigating and countering the specific threat posed to businesses by the illegal hacker, or Blackhat community. In-depth monitoring and analysis of the risks posed by Blackhat operators target in European business enables us to develop strategic and effective security measures to counter these specific risks.

3) Pioneering Research and Intelligence 's position at the forefront of research into the growing threat posed by the international blackhat community under pins the unique intelligence we apply to everything we do. Our deep insight into new and emerging threats enables us to provide our clients with early warnings – enabling them to deploy effective measures and protocols to counter any attack. RedOracle are proven experts in forensics, firewall and intrusion detection analytics – a reputation built upon our policy of using the most recent exploits and methods when conducting penetration testing. has always a watchful eye to the need of its users: everyone can propose new contents through "Submit" or ask for clarifications and propose to collaborate sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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