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Linux BASH command line PDF
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If you've ever typed a command at the Linux shell prompt, you've probably already used bash—after all, it's the default command shell on most modern GNU/Linux distributions.

The bash shell is the primary interface to the Linux operating system—it accepts, interprets and executes your commands, and provides you with the building blocks for shell scripting and automated task execution.
Windows Run & Commands & Short Cuts PDF
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Most useful windows tips, command, and short cuts.

In this post I wanted to ask my readers which Keyboard keys they use frequently.
(Check out the tips at the end of the post for more useful shortcuts)
Windows Safe Mode PDF
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This is quite an important part of the Windows OS, also invaluable.

Windows Safe Mode is a way of booting up your Windows operating system in order to run administrative and diagnostic tasks on your installation.
Disable User Tracking PDF
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This chapter discusses what we can infer from monitoring user activity on the Web, how to use that information to personalize a user's Web experience, and whether it wouldn't be better to push some of the responsibility for personalization onto the client.
Move My Documents Folder PDF
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The My Documents folder is your own personal folder in which you can store your documents, graphics, and other personal files. When there is more that one person using the computer, Windows creates a My Documents folder for each user on the computer.
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