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RedOracle provides security information to the security community. RedOracle try to help network administrators, security experts, IT managers and all people of information security in their daily work.

The contents of the site are an exhaustive compendium of information available in the web, in many cases has elaborated synthesis or added new contents for those arguments whose documentation was poor or dispersive. is born!
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We are proud to announce a brand new Virtual Private Server Enviroments, born to provide several kind of resources at a very affordable prices:

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Leading information security event with KEVIN MITNICK – June, 9, 10 and 11, 2008 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia

BAA Heathrow airport hacker exposure
Written by Michael Dogali   

The Heathrow Airport is considered one of the most secure international airport of the world.

Recently the increasing terrorist threats, that make it an high risk target, brought to make more strict the security policy in force, with very accurate check-in procedures and continuous vigilance within the whole airport perimeter.In fact the level of attention for what concerns the physical security is extreme, not the same seems to be for the information structures and security.

One of our users has lately found something very interesting about that and decided to tell because our website an emblematic case of information negligence will be brought to a diffused knowledge.
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